8 Free Personal Finance Tools to manage your finances

With today’s fast-moving era, we all look for ease and speed, be it shopping with a swipe of our card, making transfers with a click of a button & more. Nowadays most people are so busy to find time to pen down their finances. Instead, we look for apps to do banking, manage our playlists, social media etc. What can be more comfortable than having a free personal finance tool to manage all your expenses, income, savings and investment reports! You can use these tools on your computer or mobile, it depends on your choice.

We share with you the top 8 free personal finance tools to efficiently know where your money goes at the end of the month and how much savings you make.

8 Free Personal Finance tools for you:

#1. GnuCash

GnuCash is an interesting tool to manage your personal finance also can be used as an accounting software for small businesses. It can be used to track bank accounts, income, expenses, stocks, bookkeeping and more. Based on the professional accounting principles, it enables you to create accurate reports, balanced books etc.

#2. AceMoney Lite

AceMoney Lite is mainly used to track investments and it supports 2 financial accounts(for the free version and multiple accounts for the paid version). It is used to manage budgeting, multi-currency finances, expenses etc. The only hassle is to handle sub-accounts within the multiple accounts for expenses, income, savings etc. If you prefer ease then you can go ahead with the alternate options mentioned.

#3. PL Cash

PL Cash is an easy-to-use as the data is stored in plain text format that allows you to use your spreadsheet or word processing tools to read, analyze and store your financial data. It can also be used to track your investments, access multiple accounts and for personal finance accounting. Also, it doesn’t encrypt data. Alternatively, you can import data from Microsoft Money, Quicken and other similar software that support QIF data exports.

#4. Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe

Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe is basically for the people who aren’t looking for internet-accessible features with their personal finance tool. As this tool is a Windows-compatible software whose features are not supported by internet such as no automatic transaction updates. It is still the first choice of many people who prefer offline features and are comfortable with importing transaction updates from online accounts.

#5. Buddi

Buddi is a personal favorite of many people and has been translated into multiple languages. Its features include personal finance reports, account tracking, budgeting etc. Additionally, you’ll have to manually enter the data for creating personal finance reports. It also includes a safety feature that enables encryption of financial data with a password. The best thing is you can add additional features by downloading free plugins.

#6. Free Budget Spreadsheets

If you are just concerned about budgeting and not looking for personal finance software with additional features, then there are lots of free budget spreadsheet templates available. These are compatible with Excel, Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice Calc etc. You can use these free budget templates to simplify your budget management tasks. All you need to do is download them and use it on the spreadsheet software available on your system.

List of free budget Spreadsheet sources:

  • Vertex42 Spreadsheets
  • Google Docs Budget Spreadsheets
  • PearBudget Free Budget Spreadsheets
  • Its Your Money Budget Spreadsheets

#7. Financial Fate

Financial Fate is an excellent software for those people who are looking at Do-It-Yourself personal finance tools. It is suitable for individual and family to plan their finances. You can track your finances, expenses and create personal finance reports. There is a feature to track your financial reports year-by-year with recommendations on the areas of improvement.

It can be a great tool to analyze your financial decisions and look for the grey areas. However, on the other hand, the drawback is you can view your reports only within this software as there is no option to print your reports. You can download it to free if you’re a windows user.

#8. Personal Finance Apps

If you prefer installing apps and tracking your money on your mobile or online, then here’s a list of personal finance online apps for you.

Few Personal Finance apps for you:

  • Mint
  • YodleeMoneycenter
  • eFinPLAN
  • BudgetPulse
  • CalendarBudget
  • ClearCheckbook
  • Mvelopes

Summing up:

Now, you can manage your finances on the go irrespective of where you’re using these personal finance tools mentioned above. By tracking your finances monthly, you can look at your weak areas and how you can improvise on your financial situation. This way you can plan your finances well by putting the extra cash into your emergency fund and be prepared for a rainy day. Use these personal finance tools to see which one works best for you.

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