Some Vital Steps to Take While Planning Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

Sending targeted promotions and offers could be an effective way of reaching your customers and potential customers with a certain interest in your unique products. Research has revealed that SMS open rates are phenomenally high nearly 98 percent while approximately 90 percent of the text messages are actually read within just three minutes. Businesses have realized that no other platform offers that kind of traction today.

As per, we understand that there are a plethora of SMS marketing services based in the United States providing businesses with fabulous ways of sending launch contests, mobile coupons, and selling via text. Moreover, restaurants like Domino’s Pizza are increasingly making it simpler and easier to order food via text messaging. Also, retailers such as Target are incorporating effective ways of texting and receiving coupons for boosting sales.

While implementing a robust SMS marketing strategy, you must first of all, seek permission for sending text messages since SMS marketing is purely consent-based. Moreover, you need to mind the frequency of your text messages. You would be running the risk of irritating your target audience if you text too often. They may even go to the length of unsubscribing. On the other hand, if you are erratic in your text messages, you would surely miss golden opportunities to boost your brand. Learn the tricks of the SMS marketing game by seeking professional assistance from experts at .

Determine a Precise Goal

SMS marketing could assist you in driving people to your store, engaging consumers with your brand and motivating them to visit you online. Your first step toward the success of your SMS marketing campaign is to determine your desired outcome. You must clearly define your business or brand goals that you are aspiring to achieve.

Identify Your Audience

Are you thinking of connecting with your prospective customers, existing customers, repeat customers? Are there any specific psychographic or demographic traits that should be defining them? You must focus your thoughts on determining who precisely your target audience is and what are they looking for and accordingly segment your target audience.

Seriously Seek Permission

Do not take things lightly. The rules and regulations governing text marketing seem to be quite distinct and clear. You must necessarily have the relevant permission from your target audience. You must consider setting realistic expectations. There are numerous ways of building your opt-in list. Your list must be comprehensive.

Utilize a Messaging Tool

There are a number of companies that are known to feed low-cost tools for helping organizations deliver text campaigns without investing heavily on new technology. These reliable companies would be simplifying the entire process of SMS marketing. They upload your opted-in contact list, deploy messages and also, track results for various businesses.

Create Compelling Messaging

When you are creating your text message for your brand’s SMS marketing campaign, remember to ensure that the message must be convincing enough. It must be catchy and clear and also, must deliver tangible value. Do not forget that customers feel nice and happy to get promotions and coupons but they do not like receiving irrelevant notices. Customize your messages and create convincing and compelling content. There should be a sense of urgency in your message that should motivate your customer to swing into immediate action.

You need to make sure that your recipients realize that the message is actually originating from your company or brand. You must incorporate force words into your SMS and always offer some enticing benefit so that your prospective clients take action. Limit yourself to 160 characters and find out how to furnish your SMS with some extra information. You may include a link for them to click if they are interested in more data. You could consider using a link-shortener with the intention of making the most of your limited characters.

Follow Up but Do Not Overdo It

We know that SMS gets a phenomenally high open rate but it could be a good idea to send another follow-up SMS just for reminding your prospective customers about your product. When subscribers give your consent to shoot text messages, it is a good idea to let them know how often you would be contacting them. Accordingly, plan your follow-ups without exceeding your maximum message count.

Keep Tracking Results

Suppose you are predominantly an online business, it is essential to keep tracking your SMS campaigns with cookies and dedicated landing pages. Suppose you are having a brick-and-mortar business, you need to keep asking your clients why they are actually visiting you. All this data would be telling you exactly how your SMS campaign is performing and assist you in calculating an ROI.

Keep Experimenting to Become Better

There are many SMS marketing tricks. Keep experimenting and do something new in your next SMS marketing campaign. You may change the offer, make the messaging more enticing and exciting or you may go on experimenting with delivering text messages at different times. You have to be considerate and always keep your clients’ comfort on top of your mind. Nobody would appreciate late-night interruptions.

Pay Attention to the Right Timing

You need to pick the right time to send text messages to your target audience. Be cautious and try to know more about your clients. Determine the right time to send text messages to them. Timing is of utmost importance here. If your SMS is delivered when people are driving, your SMS would get lost among numerous others. Hence, avoid commuting hours as they are not a great time to deliver your SMS. Moreover, do not send your text message when people are taking rest or sleeping. You simply do not have the liberty to disturb your clients. You must restrict yourself to a maximum of 4 text messages every month.


Professionalism is paramount while using SMS marketing strategy. SMS marketing offers some degree of flexibility. Your text message would be reflecting your brand image and your company’s vision. Today, several companies are realizing amazing ROI and incredible accomplishment with an SMS marketing strategy after using the above-discussed guidelines.  The best way to emerge victorious is to follow these rules diligently. They would help you in developing your rundown, converting clients and boosting your business, everything while providing valuable offers and data to your customer base.